Small businesses need as much support as the big ones do. Therefore we are available for our clients when they need it, not when it’s convenient for us. Whether it’s by phone or email, your business needs are our priority, and you will never be pushed aside!


Every business deserves a quick response to their issues. Whether it’s your printer not working, or server not powering up, Nelsonology will be there. Downtime equals money lost, and uptime makes us smile. When you’re ready, we’re ready!


Does a plumber leave his wrench at home when he goes to work? Does Superman forget his cape when he goes into battle? Of course not! Nelsonology has the know-how, expertise and experience to bring the right tools and contacts for your small business technology needs.


So you’re not into technology, eh? Sorry but we’re going to have to do something about that. Nelsonology loves to get things done right with minimal downtime and the utmost care. Let’s maximize your investment, and get your business running efficiently without being mad at your computer anymore!


Desktop &
Laptop Support

Having issues trying to print? Problems with saving a file to the server? Emails not sending at all, and getting stuck in your outbox? These problems can all be fixed easily by optimizing the workstations and server(s) within your organization–and without interrupting your employees’ workday. We will keep your workstations tuned to peak performance, and provide services that you may not have today—such as checking that all security software and desktop patches are up-to-date and offering full protection against threats. In addition, we’ll provide expert support and rapid resolution when problems arise, while putting the right things in place to help prevent future workstation problems that could stop you in your tracks.


Mobile & VOIP

Many businesses today are acknowledging the use of both smartphones and tablets in their workplace. You may be realizing how powerful these devices can be and what they could mean to your business. Unfortunately, they can also be a security liability if not utilized properly, and may lack proper mobile support to fully leverage the connections and security of your network. For instance, important client data on your server could be compromised in the field with a smartphone connection that lacks proper protocols. However, when you want to interface with your company’s resources, you and your employees may not know how to accomplish this. Nelsonology can be your answer to these common problems.

Server Support

A server is often the heart of a small to mid-sized business computer network. As such, it fulfills a number of important duties. Beyond being a central storage space for your company documents, a server can control how those documents are accessed. A server can also oversee and protect your entire network, so it’s critical that your servers are performing optimally and running smoothly. However, some of the common issues that crop up on servers may not be fixable by your current staff. Perhaps you have a server that has run out of storage space and you need to upgrade.  Or worse: improperly updated protection has allowed viruses to slip in and imperil your server. Maybe your server has been running slowly, impacting your employees’ productivity.  Or maybe you are just getting started and need help setting up and managing your servers. We are capable and ready to handle these issues for you through our server management services.


Security & Recovery

If your workstation or network isn’t correctly configured, it could be vulnerable to hackers, identity thieves and other threats. That’s bad news for your business and your customers. On top of this, the legal penalties for a security breach (that could have been prevented) are colossal, and the powers that be are typically unforgiving. At Nelsonology, we use state-of-the-art security techniques to keep the ‘bad guys’ out, while providing authorized personnel access to important files and applications.


Network & Infrastructure

In this information-intensive age, businesses of all sizes depend on their computers and networks. The smooth operation of these assets is essential.  However, small business owners face various computer network management challenges and concerns that they’re typically not equipped to handle on their own. Network speeds have grown over ten fold in the last decade–even internet speeds have increased over 300%! Did you know that even SOHO routers and firewalls have wireless that can send wireless signals over 100 feet without degradation? Our number one focus is building a long-term relationship that will help you to optimize your computers and network both now and in the future.

Mac Support

Do you have a new iMac you’re trying to get networked and set up to share files with the other Windows computers on your network? Having troubling connecting it to the company’s new copier? Macs are growing in popularity, and many small businesses are now trying to integrate them, but with limited tech support, and many consultants with limited expertise this becomes quite a problem! With many years of experience and the tools needed to get the job done, Nelsonology can help! Hybrid networks are growing in popularity, but with limited consultants, and online support few and far between, things can go from hard to bad, and bad to worse in no time.