Desktop & Laptop Support

Issues like these are often troubling problem areas that you can’t properly address on your own. Here is where our PC management services and support program can be your biggest ally:


      • Malware Removal and 0-Day Safety – Sometimes, even with the best efforts, a piece of malware can sneak in and wreak havoc.


      • Low Speed Computing – A common complaint from users is slow running of their workstations including sluggish response to all user input.


      • Upgrade Decisions – Many business owners struggle with deciding if and when to upgrade to ensure maximum ROI. It is often overwhelming to decide which pieces of equipment are best for you, and make sense to include in your current network infrastructure.


      • Network Speed – Like individual PC’s, networks can also suffer from slowdowns and outages; many professionals overlook this issue.


      • Disaster Intervention – If the unthinkable happens and you lose a PC unexpectedly, you need a plan in place to recover that valuable data–whether it be in-house or cloud-based backups.


      • PC Education – Sometimes users just need a little more training to understand and use their equipment or software at peak efficiency.


Mobile & VOIP

 Many businesses today are acknowledging the use of both smartphones and tablets in their workplace. You may have realized how powerful these devices can be and what they mean to your business. Unfortunately, they can also be a security problem if not utilized properly, and may lack proper mobile support to fully utilize the connections and security of your network. For instance, important client data on your server could be compromised in the field by a smartphone connection that hasn’t been set up with proper protocols. However, when you want to interface with your company’s resources, both you and your employees may be at a loss on how to accomplish this. Nelsonology can be your answer to this common problem.


      • Mobile Device Selection and Procurement Assistance – Nelsonology will guide the way through the forest of offerings and point you to the mobile device or peripheral that works best in your company environment. We can help you realize discounts that contribute to value and ROI for you.


      • Setup and Installation – When your shiny new equipment arrives, Nelsonology can setup and integrate this equipment into your environment. Nelsonology can setup a series of real world tests to ensure the correct operation of your equipment


      • Network Integration and Mobile Security – Nelsonology will initiate network and email access for smartphones and tablets that will allow your employees to connect, even when not in your office. 


      • Mobile Troubleshooting –  If issues arise, we will find the source of your troubles and correct it.


Server Support

 A proactive server management program would include a broad range of proactive procedures to assure trouble-free operation both now and into the future. We will interact with your physical server environment a couple times a month or more, if needed, to ensure optimal configuration and set up a secure, remote connection for monitoring your network using advanced remote monitoring tools.


      • Security and Safety – Nelsonology will also assess and address all security issues, protecting your server from internal and external threats. Proactive procedures would be put in place to stop trouble before it starts. In addition, we would guide you to ensure business continuity in the event of disaster, and avoid costly downtime.


      • Server Integration – If you do not yet have a network and server, we will work with you to design a brand new implementation that is custom-made to fit your business. Our flexible approach to server management gives you exactly what you need now and affords you room to grow. Our method of server integration allows you to focus on results without getting bogged down in hardware purchase decisions.


      • Server Backup and Disaster RecoveryWe can help you address this critical component of your server strategy in a multi-tiered fashion using technologies such as cloud storage, on-site backups or server duplication.


      • Server Monitoring and Support – With the help of on-site and remote connectivity, Nelsonology would monitor the physical condition of all server components and provide immediate support should problems arise.

Security-and-Recovery-gSecurity & Recovery

Every organization’s needs are different and hackers are always adapting their techniques, so we are extremely serious about staying up-to-date with the latest network security tools, threats and industry developments. We’ll put a comprehensive security plan in place and recommend the right technology tools and services to safeguard your network, including:


      • IT Security Consulting: From firewall installation to intrusion detection services, we will ensure your network resources are safe.


      • Network Security Assessment: We’ll conduct an affordable but very sophisticated on-site analysis of your network’s vulnerability to hackers, viruses and other threats. Our report will include findings on any discovered security vulnerabilities, risks and implications and recommendations for technical solutions, specific software, tools and implementation steps.


      • Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Firewall Installation: Nelsonology will create and install secure-access internet and network connections for your branch offices, traveling staff and telecommuters.


      • Managed Security Service: For the highest level of security, we can provide proactive, continuous monitoring of your network’s firewall devices.
Network-Support-gNetwork & Infrastructure
Nelsonology can help you with a comprehensive network management service that covers all potential issues, or help you address elements of your network that require immediate attention. We have experience in helping companies achieve trouble-free operation of their networks, and with in-depth knowledge of potential pitfalls, we will design a proactive plan that will prevent trouble before it takes your network down. Our array of network management services include:


      • Network Architecture and Design  If you are opening a new office, we can design a total network solution for you from the ground up.


      • Network Monitoring and Support – Overseeing your network 24/7 with remote connections gives us the ability to correct problems. When detecting an issue, we will contact you immediately to address the issue.


      • Server Backup and Disaster Recovery – We will help you address this critical component of your server strategy in a multi-tiered fashion, using technologies such as cloud storage, on-site backups or server duplication.


      • Server Monitoring and Support – With the help of on-site and remote connectivity, we will monitor the physical condition of all server components and provide immediate support should problems arise.
Mac-Support-gMac Support

Do you have a new iMac you’re trying to get networked and set up to share files with the other Windows computers on your network? Having troubling connecting it to the company’s new copier? Macs are growing in popularity, and many small businesses are now trying to integrate them, but with limited tech support–which can become quite a problem! With many years of experience and the tools needed to get the job done, Nelsonology can help! Hybrid networks are growing in popularity, but with consulting availability limited, and online support few and far between, things can go from hard to bad, and bad to worse in no time. Let us help.